Celebration of Success

Roadrunners were on the move this 3rd nine weeks. Students in the 6th grade earning all A's and B's were as follows:

Nalleli Alcala
Marvens Aubourg
Page Augustin
Ariana Ayala
Manuel Cano
Jissela Cervantes
Charles Coney
Leslie Diaz
Pierla Fenelon
Saniya Glinton
Jordin Hankerson Cayetano
Laica Innocent
Veronica Kitchen
Jomaine Milton
San'Torion Minus
Juan P. Mojica
Nathan Narcisse
Miranda Nieto Yanettsi Padilla Angelica Roa
 Giovanni Ruiz
 Diego Vital
 Ron'Shyia Woods
The 6th-grade students earning Principal's Honor Roll were as follows:

Guadalupe Escobedo
Aaron Hammond     
Da'Najah Redd

We want to congratulate these students for their hard work.  Remember that the sixth-graders are learning the differences between being an elementary school student and a middle school student.  They are discovering the demands are harder and the above-listed students have stepped up to the plate. Congratulations one and all.

The seventh graders have had a year to settle in and get a feel for what is expected of them.  The expectations are stepped up a notch but they are up to the tasks.  The following seventh-graders earned honor roll status for getting all A's and B's:

Lemorris Battle
Carlos Benjamin
Deion Bryant
Aldo Carbajal
Osiel Carbajal
Naomi Colorado-Garcia
Gabriel Flores-Donathan
Charmayne Frazier
Karla Garcia
Yonata Garcia
Mariana Guzman
Raymeshia Lafond
Anderson Lopez Jose
Alize Lopez
Omarian Mathis Alexis Medellin
Caleb Mendoza
Reinas Noel Te'lona Nunez Allisson Puerto
 Voinca St. Lot  Josue Vasquez-De La Cruz    

Congrats to those students, but wait... We have seventh-graders that have earned the Principal's Honor Roll with all A's.  Wow!!! they are as follows:

Serenity Brooks
Jerico Cabrieles
Sara Carrillo Calmo
Jazmyn Cisneros
Ashley Cruz  Lannecy Deme  Casey Fanuelsen  Marianna Morrison
Moriah Ocanas  Wenchelle Raymond Jannell Rodriguez   
That is so awesome.

Wait the 8th grade has been really rocking it.  This is their last year at Lake Shore Middle School and they want to show how the others how it is done.  So send out a big cheer to the following 8th graders earning all A's and B's:

Alexia Brown
Dimarques Brown
Cy'Riah Burgess Angelie Cano Barrera
Mya Chastine
Jacqueline Chavarrieta-Roa
Enrique Cornejo
Ashley Douglas
Max'Keria Felix
Leonardo Gay
Evelin Guzman-Perez
Jaylene Jean Charles
Angelica Jean
Sabria Lee
Kynia Mathis
Breanna Mendoza
Rashad Miller
E'Nyya Morgan
Yuliana Rivera
Rafael Rodriguez
 Jesus Salgado Siani Seymoure  Ja'Liyah Thompson   Kephira Val
 Mauren Vazquez Melina Velazquez  Ashley Nicole Vidal   Tonise Volmar
 Kymani Ware  Kyanan Kimora Webb    
Wow! So many eighth-graders earned honor roll.  We are not finished yet because we have eighth graders that went all the way and earned the Principal's award.  Get ready for here they are:

Estrella Cervantes
Leslie Cruz 
Jennifer Fenelon
Charity Lumpkin
Lawrencia Minus 
Ximena Perez
Adriana Ramirez-Delgado
Oscar Silvestre
The students at Lake Shore are truly a "Beacon of Excellence" and they are "Racing to the Top".  Go Roadrunners.