Future Engineers Sponsorship

Amazon Future Engineer Sponsorship Program Recipient
Posted on 02/12/2021

Amazon Future Engineer Sponsorship Program Recipient

On January 19, 2021, Lake Shore Middle School was accepted into the Amazon Future Engineer program in partnership with Project STEM. Although our initial year of establishing a Computer Science based curriculum is going extremely well, it is great to be able to enhance our program by becoming an Amazon Future Engineer school.  

What are the benefits to being an Amazon Future Engineer school?

  • Our school will receive a dedicated Program Manager who will work with our school through the rest of this school year and the entire 2021-22 school year.
  • Amazon will provide 100% financial assistance to help our school implement a 3-year computer science sequence.
  • Amazon will provide the corresponding professional development programs in partnership with Project STEM.
  • Amazon will help Lake Shore to implement additional foundational Computer Science courses.
  • Amazon’s funding will provide all curricular and teacher resources, including fully sequenced and paced digital lessons for students.
  • Amazon will help to provide teachers with detailed lesson plans, professional development, and ongoing dedicated teacher support throughout the school year.

The 3rd nine weeks marks the beginning of utilizing this program. Our students are taking simulated Robotics courses that will allow them to work with robots, teach them additional computer programming languages, and build their problem solving skills. Amazon is committed to help expand access to computer science at schools nationwide. This is a WIN-WIN because Lake Shore, as an Amazon Future Engineer school, achieves its goals and Amazon, as a sponsor, achieves its goal.