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As of January 4th, 2022, Lake Shore Middle School students were provided with a new resource to help students improve their understanding of what is being taught in almost every subject. There are some subjects where a tutor is only provided at certain times and a message providing that information will appear at the time a student requests assistance.  The program is called PAPER and it provides students with a free one-on-one tutor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students are able to use PAPER during class if they are not understanding what is being taught to get a more in-depth explanation instead of interrupting the teacher. They can also use it from home when the teacher is not available.

Picture of the Portal TileStudents log into the PAPER app through a tile on their portal, choose the subject, and type in a statement such as “Hello, can you help me with ______. I am not understanding”. The tutor will then ask the student to explain what they already know about the problem and help them grasp the concepts they are struggling with. They will not provide answers to the student but instead will help the student work their way to finding the answer on their own and thus embed the knowledge.

Parents may wonder if this program is safe for their children to use. The answer is “Yes”. Tutors will never know what the identity of the child is as all communication is done through a chat and never with a video. Tutors are only provided with the child’s first name and last initial. To further security, students will have a different tutor each time they log into the program.

Lake Shore Middle is provided transcripts of all interactions between students and their tutors. Each of the student’s teachers is also able to see the transcripts of the tutor’s interaction with students. Parents can learn more about PAPER and how they can support their child's usage of it by clicking here

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