History Rewritten 2022

LSMS Band in front of school

The Sound of Muck City Rewrites History
March 3, 2022

Discipline, Attitude, Responsibility and Composure are their core values. Remaining focused, respectful and musically engaged at all times are the foundations of rehearsals and performances for the Road Runner Band. For the last few decades, the LSMS Road Runner Band has been attending the District 14 Concert Band MPA (Music Performance Assessment). At this event, all schools across the district (middle and high schools) must perform prepared music on a stage in front of a panel of judges that will issue a rating after their performance. Lake Shore Middle School Band has been off and on with attendance in the last few decades. With this performance, however, on March 3rd, 2022, the young musicians from Roadrunner land rewrote history.
The rating system for District Concert Band MPA is 1-Superior (highest rating) to a 5-Poor (lowest rating). In the last ten years, Lake Shore has been disqualified once, received 4’s (the grade of Fair) and 3’s (the grade of Good). On stage at John I. Leonard High School on March 3rd, the Symphonic Band received 2-EXCELLENT ratings and 1-SUPERIOR rating from three different judges. This broke the drought of receiving a Superior by over 3 decades from the Road Runner Band. All 3 songs that were performed by the band were all district approved literature that challenges students to: 1) play in tune, 2) stay on tempo, 3) balance and blend sound, 4) use appropriate technique, 5) maintain overall satisfactory ensemble sound throughout the entire song. The cultural shift that has transpired in the band department at Lake Shore Middle School since the arrival of Mr. Cofield has been a significant one to say the least.
Students are required to attend after school rehearsals for at least 90 minutes a day, three days a week. In addition, the 26 students that attended the performance are also regular band students in their respective band classes. Academics in all other classes remain the main focus of participating in band. Students must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA every report card in order to remain active in the Symphonic Band. Standards of music and level of musicianship from these young and gifted musicians will continue to show proof that hard work not only pays off, but consistency through discipline will always breed success.
Since 2016, Michael Cofield, has grown the program from less than 40 active students into 90+ students consistently. In addition, students who did not elect to take band now see the class as a necessity and something they look forward to daily. If you have a child in school and they are not sure on what it is they should participate in, look no further than band! The future is bright for the Lake Shore Middle School Road Runner Band. (Read the testimonials from our band members.)

LSMS band at MPA

LSMS band at MPA