Reading Counts

  Bitmoji of Mrs. Adams pointing with stick at Reading Counts Store Video

Students earn points through reading books from the Reading Counts list.  Throughout the year, many opportunities are offered to help students earn extra points for high ticket items.
Students are asked on a regular basis what they would like in the Reading Counts Store.  The different sport related items tend to be the most popular items.  Students are given catalogs and surveys to discover what items would motivate them most to read.  Reading Counts in every aspect of our lives and if these small tokens can help motivate students to become avid readers then the program can consider itself successful.

List of Reading Counts Books

The following link will take you to the list of reading counts books that can be found in the Lake Shore Middle School Media Center or through MackinVia Ebooks.  It will provide the title, author, call number, location, lexile and whether it is a book or Ebook.   Click Here for list