New Principal

Get to Know Lake Shore Middle School's New Principal
Posted on 05/24/2018
Dr. GibbonsThis year brought a new commander in chief to Lake Shore Middle School.  It has been said that "trials by fire" determine the strength of a leader.  If this proves to be true, then our new principal, Dr. Carl Gibbons, has brought encouragement for great things to come at Lake Shore Middle School. 

Dr. Gibbon's first day as principal of Lake Shore Middle School involved prepping the school for the American Red Cross to set up shelter to receive the Belle Glade community prior to Hurricane Irma.  A sudden shift with the storm caused Dr. Gibbons and the shelter staff to quickly assist in relocating everyone to a new shelter in West Palm Beach.  

Dr. Gibbons next trial came just before diagnostic testing. It was deemed necessary by IT that all the new Chromebooks that were to be utilized for testing, had to be collected to have a flaw repaired all at the same time.  This was 300 computers.  Through his great leadership, replacement computers arrived just in time for the testing.

Dr. Gibbons next trial came the last week of FSA testing when Lake Shore Middle School lost power and thought that most of the school's computers were damaged.  Dr. Gibbons, with his calm demeaner, took charge and contacted the people needed to get repairs done.  Testing resumed at the very last moment possible but was successfully completed.

Dr. Gibbons'  first year as Lake Shore Middle School's principal has demonstrated that he can help us triumph over adversity.  His leadership has introduced a new mission:  To provide a rigorous and challenging academic experience, ensuring high school readiness for all middle school students. Dr. Gibbons has also redefined the vision of Lake Shore Middle School.  Lake Shore Middle School will be ranked as one of the best middle schools in the nation based on school assessment data, academics, and participant morale and parent/community engagement.
 Can Lake Shore Middle School achieve this vision?  Dr. Gibbons believes so but to accomplish this he needs the help of family, friends, the community, the teachers, the staff and the students to all come together with one goal and that is to succeed.